To Help You C.Y.A. For CSA, We Made Brake Checks
Simple And Fast.

Introducing Our SimpleCheck Air Brake Stroke Tool.

Out-Of-Adjustment Brakes Are A Top CSA Violation.
With SimpleCheck, Drivers Can Check Them And Prevent Them.

With the new Meritor® AllFit SimpleCheck tool, drivers can quickly check air brake stroke. Just one look, and drivers know whether the brake system needs attention, which makes it much easier to run safe and meet Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. SimpleCheck is easy to install on any cam brake air chamber.

How SimpleCheck Works:

What: SimpleCheck is a green disc used as a marker to visually inspect applied chamber stroke on cam brake-equipped vehicles.

Where: When the brake is fully released, the SimpleCheck disc is installed on the pushrod at the base of the air brake chamber (as shown in image A).

How: When the brake is applied (via service air pressure or parking brake spring pressure), the disc indicates how far the pushrod travels.

Inspection: If the SimpleCheck disc travels less than or equal to the length of the standard 1½-inch brake chamber stud, the pushrod stroke is acceptable (as shown in image B).

If the SimpleCheck disc travels beyond the end of the brake stud (as shown in image C), then further brake system diagnostics must be performed.

It's that simple – and that fast.

Download complete Meritor AllFit SimpleCheck installation instructions.

C.Y.A. With These SimpleCheck Benefits:

  • Reduces CSA citations, as out-of-adjustment brakes are a top U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) violation
  • Helps improve vehicle safety
  • Reduces driver pre-trip inspection time
  • Reduces the need to have the driver go under the trailer for inspection
  • Comes standard with every Meritor automatic slack adjuster
  • Supports equal brake travel between wheel ends
  • Facilitates equal wheel end brake timing
  • Helps provide early detection of problems with brake shoes, cam shafts, cam bushings and slack adjusters
  • Identifies brakes that are out-of-adjustment or approaching adjustment limits

The Right Fit Is Simple.

For complete vehicle coverage, install Meritor AllFit SimpleCheck at each air brake chamber. Complete tractor coverage requires installation of up to six SimpleCheck discs. Complete trailer coverage requires installation of up to four SimpleCheck discs. Cover Your Assets with a starter pack of 10 Meritor AllFit SimpleCheck discs.

There are four different sizes available depending on the size of the clevis thread and outside diameter. The part numbers for the appropriate thread and outside diameter are as follows:

Part Number Fits Clevis Thread O.D.
M820625 5/8" - 18 1.75
M820750 3/4" - 16 1.75
M810500 1/2" - 20 1.38
M810625 5/8" - 18 1.38

Cover Your Assets by installing SimpleCheck at every air brake chamber in every vehicle and/or trailer in your fleet. To place your order, visit