If you truly want to C.Y.A. – Cover Your Assets – one of the best ways to safeguard your backside, your vehicles, your productivity and your business is to be sure your brakes and tires are up to regulatory standards.

As you know, today’s brakes are engineered to deliver enhanced stopping power and shorter stopping distances to meet the FMVSS 121 Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD) regulations. But the safety advantage of the increased stopping power can be ensured only by replacing worn Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) RSD friction with new OEM RSD friction.

That’s where Meritor can help. We have unsurpassed brake experience and expertise. We supply more than 2 million production brake assemblies a year for leading OEMs.

Our Meritor line of friction products offers the most comprehensive choice of RSD-compliant commercial friction available. Our RSD friction is designed and manufactured to keep you on the road and operating safely within current guidelines. Plus, our RSD friction has been re-engineered to offer improved lining life, compared to older generation Meritor materials, for longer intervals between maintenance and greater in-service productivity.

Facts About RSD Regulations Changes And Meritor RSD Friction.

FMVSS 121 Reduced Stopping Distance Requirements.

Timing (for new vehicles) Number of Tractor Axles Tractor GVWR (lb) Loaded 60 mph Stopping Distance (feet)
Current New
August 1, 2011 3 0 to 59,600 355 250
August 1, 2013 3 59,600 to 70,000 250
3 > 70,000 310
2 All 250
4 0 to 85,000 250
4 > 85,000 310

The Meritor® Q+™ Brake.

If you’re spec’ing brakes for a vehicle, the Meritor Q+ cam brake is the industry standard by which other drum-style brakes are measured. Combined with Meritor Approved (MA) friction materials, the Meritor Q+ meets RSD standards, and provides unsurpassed stopping power, for outstanding performance and more time on the road.

Hold On To Your Stopping Distances.

MA Friction

MA Friction materials provide the highest levels of stopping performance, which in many cases exceed established industry standards and FMVSS 121 requirements, and are the result of extensive testing and development. They are the only materials used by OEMs installing Meritor production brakes on new vehicles.

Download the Meritor Reduced Stopping Distance Friction Materials brochure for a complete offering of Meritor RSD-compliant friction – or our RSD FAQ flyer – and make sure your assets are covered.

C.Y.A. By Conquering Rust-Jacking.

Sure, Meritor can help you with the RSD friction needed to keep your brakes performing to optimum specifications. But we can also help you control costs and minimize downtime with our Meritor® PlatinumShield™ III brake shoes. Our innovative PlatinumShield III brake shoes provide industry-best protection against rust-jacking caused by corrosive de-icing road chemicals. Meritor PlatinumShield III brake shoes can help reduce the cost associated with replacing damaged and corroded brake shoes, while keeping you on the road and RSD-compliant.

Download the Meritor PlatinumShield III Brake Shoes brochure for more information.