C.Y.A. for Roadside Inspections.

Part of Covering Your Assets (C.Y.A.) today is maintaining your vehicle’s readiness to pass roadside inspections conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA). Failure to comply can result in violations that affect your fleet’s FMCSA scores, fines and out-of-service citations.

At Meritor, we want to prep you like an insider. Get all of the tips on our C.Y.A. with CSA Video Series with FMCSA - CSA Expert, Inspector John Seidl and Rick Martin, Senior Manager, Meritor Aftermarket Training. These videos help you to prepare for CSA roadside inspections and C.Y.A. with Meritor parts.

View our "C.Y.A. with CSA Videos" with expert tips to prep you for CSA roadside inspections and smart parts decisions.

C.Y.A. Products and Services


Meritor RSD Friction

To meet the challenge of Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD) regulations required by FMVSS 121, you need Meritor RSD friction materials for both current and older vehicles. More


Meritor Wheel Bearing Adjustment System

The benefits and savings from proper wheel bearing adjustment are recommended by the SAE, but now Meritor makes it easy. More


MTIS by P.S.I.

Underinflation is the #1 cause of tire problems, but the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS™) by PSI completely eliminates it and increases fuel economy. More


Meritor Wheel Seals

Trouble has a way of getting in, unless you seal it out. Keep contaminents out with Meritor Premium or Standard Wheel Seals. More


SimpleCheck™ Brake Stroke Tool

Out-of-adjustment brakes are a top CSA violation. The Meritor AllFit SimpleCheck tool lets drivers check the system fast and accurately. More


FastSet™ No Ream King Pin Kit

The Meritor FastSet™ No-Ream King Pin Kit reduces time and costs because its king pin bushings do not need to be pressed-in during installation or reamed after installation. More


PlatinumShield® III Coating

Third-generation Meritor PlatinumShield® III coating for new and remanufactured brake shoes locks out rust-jacking and is backed by a 3-Year/300,000-Mile warranty against rust-jacking. More


Meritor Service Point and TruckDown.com

A new level of service with a network of Meritor-qualified Independent Service Garages in the U.S. and Canada, supported by the entire portfolio of Meritor parts brands and trained technicians. More



Our online catalog and parts ordering system provides Meritor customers with a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution. More


Wyakin Warrior Partnership

To equip our wounded military Veterans for a better future, we proudly support the Wyakin Warrior Foundation® which mentors severely wounded veterans for success as business and community leaders. More