Doleco Cargo Restraint Systems From Meritor.

C.Y.A By Keeping Your Cargo Secure.

Unsecured cargo is a violation frequently cited in CSA roadside inspections. Loose cargo is even more dangerous on flatbeds, where the visibility of both loads and securement devices draws a lot more scrutiny. So don't get caught with unsecured cargo. It's time to C.Y.A. to avoid CSA citations. Secure your cargo with superior Doleco Cargo Restraint Systems from Meritor.

Load securement is often misunderstood. In this informative video with FMCSA – CSA Expert, Inspector John Seidl, you will see how to use the formula for securing general cargo by length and weight, guidelines for indirect tie-downs, the importance of working load limits, and many other details on cargo essentials.

Doleco Delivers With German Cargo Engineering For American Roads.

Doleco offers you the best solution for all of your commercial trucks, trailers, flatbeds and commercial vans. Doleco cargo restraints provide the easy securement, reliable restraint and sure delivery that you and your cargo need.

Doleco offers a wide range of load-securement solutions to fit your needs, including cargo restraint systems, flatbed solutions, tie-downs, wire rope assemblies, web and chain slings, web winches, winch tracks and bars, winch straps, load securing nets, chains and D-rings, ratchet straps and towing slings. Doleco also provides custom-engineered solutions for special needs.

Doleco Does it All. Get The Cargo Solution You Need Today.

At Meritor, our goal is to provide you with products that truly Cover Your Assets. That's why we're offering you the Doleco Cargo Restraint lineup, backed by full Meritor service and support. So be sure to C.Y.A. - Cover Your Assets - with Doleco Cargo Restraints from Meritor.